Why Use A Single Agency for PR and Digital Marketing?

Using a single agency for PR and Digital Marketing

A decade ago it was common practice for a company to have different agencies for their different needs. PR & Digital Marketing Agency in LondonA public relations agency created media coverage, advertising agencies created campaigns for paid media, and marketing usually identified target audiences, worked on product development  and promotions and was often a department in charge of facilitating the relationships between the company and its agencies. There are many overlaps in capabilities between disciplines, and using a single agency for PR and digital marketing actually makes the most sense.

Main reasons to single agency for PR and Digital Marketing:

•    Ease of communications

When there’s just one agency involved, it’s easier all round. It’s easier for the client to manage the relationship with just one point of contact, and it’s easier for the different disciplines to communicate with each other because they’re all on the same team with shared resources. Ease of communications reduces misinterpretations and confusions; everyone is speaking the same language and can often be found under the same company roof making face-to-face interactions simple.
•    Integrated messages

Using one agency for PR and digital marketing means the same messages will be going out from one company across all media. Online, offline, SEO, and digital marketing will stay on target, having consistent brand messaging across multiple marketing channels. An integrated team of marketers will work better than one that’s segregated. With multiple agencies for your communication needs, it’s too easy for multiple messages to be used, diluting the brand and how you want consumers to feel and react to it.
•    Easy to follow the necessary order of messaging

With the different disciplines, it is important to keep in mind that PR needs to disseminate new, fresh, never before published information offline first. Media needs to be pitched stories that can’t be found on a corporate website, on a Facebook page, or anywhere else in the public domain. This is the incentive media has to ‘pick up’ or publish a story; they can break it first and it’s timely and relevant.

Using one agency for both your PR and digital marketing needs ensures everyone is on the same page and knows the timelines and activities of the other areas. Once PR is effectively executed, marketing can have the approval to continue with their planned activities, including targeted online initiatives, knowing the right order of execution has been followed to allow for an effective campaign.


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