The Challenge

National Garden Gift Vouchers specialise in providing gift vouchers that offer freedom of choice to the user and are timeless. They needed to increase recognition for their brand within the media to increase sales and make their vouchers a popular gifting option. For this to be achieved a campaign needed to cover all media including print, online, and radio advertising.

The objectives of this campaign were to:

  • Increase consumer awareness of the vouchers and how flexible they were for the person receiving them to use.
  • Run a campaign across multiple media channels to ensure maximum coverage.

The Solution

Promotional campaigns were carried out both on regional radio stations and in regional newspapers, alongside this a column was created to appear in regional newspapers which featured the gift vouchers logo. Competitions and giveaways were also placed in consumer magazines to help increase awareness within the consumer marketplace.

The Results

The column which was created to advertise the National Garden Gift Vouchers is now featured in over 40 regional newspapers increasing visibility massively. The radio campaign was also successful and was played on 50 regional radio stations, again helping to increase awareness of the vouchers among consumers.