Media Relations

Media Relations is at the centre of what we do. We have experienced professionals covering print, broadcast, digital and social media. Whilst public relations cover the relationship between a company, service and brand with the audience, media relations is the relationship with the 'Gatekeepers' who are the conduit to their audience.

With the growth and diversity of media channels it is even more important to develop relationships with the 'Gatekeepers'.

'Gatekeepers' are the journalists, editors and influential forum guardians who decide what is published and what is not.

The PR professionals her at Clareville 360 have decades of experience in developing these relationships on behalf of our clients. But that is only part of the story. These relationships only work if the material we deliver is creative and targeted at each 'Gatekeepers' target audience.

Our media relations success is built on our being creative, skilful and proactive, producing ideas, content and editorial that convey the messages while impressing the media, then skillfully selling them in proactively to the journalists and editors. We apply all the techniques and seize all the opportunities available, from profiles and opinions to features, product placement and following every avenue in pursuit of coverage.