What’s the Difference Between Marketing and Public Relations?

Have you ever asked the question What’s the Difference Between Marketing and Public Relations? The terms marketing and public relations are often used interchangeably by people. They both involve strategy, content creation, and communicating messages to audiences. There are some nuanced differences between the two. Marketing is the process of making what a company has […]

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Is Social Media Marketing or Public Relations?

WHAT Is Social Media – Is IT Marketing or Public Relations? PR It used to be easy to segment different outreach strategies into disciplines. Advertising was paid media on the radio, in print (newspapers and magazines) or on television. Public relations was building goodwill in the community and favourable company and brand awareness. Marketing was […]

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Using Blogs for Business

Blogging for Businesses There are many different ways in which businesses can use blogs to further their relationships with both clients and prospects alike and go on to develop it as a fundamental part of their marketing and business development activities. We have added 8 top tips below which are some of the key uses […]

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