Building your brand using social media

Building your brand using social media

Social media services LondonHow can companies develop their brand via social media? It’s a question that’s top of the agenda for many companies right now and one that was considered in detail at a PRCA Expert briefing I went along to recently.

The two speakers, Jono Marcus, director at BRANDO, and Meaghan Ramsey, Global Social Mission Manager at Unilever, broke down the subject and gave really valuable pointers on how to best use social media to create a truly successful PR and marketing campaign.

10 Tips on How to build your brand using social media

1. Plan

Social media activity should be planned in from the outset, and not form an add-on to a campaign. Ensure all your departments are working together, sharing ideas, news, blogs and information that can be distributed across all forms of media outlets. Use this information across traditional PR outlets and online PR – social Media!

2. Benchmark

How are your competitors using the digital environment? Match their work or beat them, do something more, extra, above and beyond to really get an edge over the competition. If that means more +1s on Google+, Tweets, more Faceboook mentions, more and better blogs, then so be it. This will really get noticed by search engines and you will appear higher in rankings.

3. Channel

Always consider which social media channel is the most appropriate, rather than heading straight for the high profile ones! Consider Tumblr, Stumbleupon, as well as the popular in the USA but not so popular in Europe – Google+. A really powerful platform, especially used in conjunction with Google Authorship and Google’s Rich Snippets.

4. Be consistent

Ensure the tone of voice remains the same across all channels to reinforce the personality of the brand. Whilst being consistent, also consider the human element and not automate everything. Yes automation saves time but do you really want to automate THANK YOU to new followers? Its so impersonal, you wouldn’t automate a friendship in real lif,e so why do it in the digital world?

5. Listen

What is already being said about your brand? Conduct a ‘listening exercise’ and monitor online conversations about your brand. What people are saying about your brand will provide useful insight and inspiration for a campaign.

6. Get real

In the social media world, people want to know the real story. So tell it to them. Personalise your communication, be genuine about who you are as a company and be transparent – people will see through any spin!

7. What is the value?

Use social media to provide added value, such as a special offer, exclusive event, competition or money off. Even consider free downloads of your white papers or FAQs. Perhaps provide an App for your customers, especially if you are a shop.

8. Integration

The use of social media should tie in with rest of your marketing and pr campaign. Promote new news across traditional PR media outlets but then Tweet, Facebook and Google+ the same news, providing links to the original content. This will double up the traditional PR worth.

9. Move fast

You have to plan ahead but also be prepared to act quickly to match the pace of online conversations. Get software to inform you of mentions, of new followers etc.

10. Relationships

Social media is all about interacting and developing links with people. Your brand grows every day through interactions with new people. Get people in the “real world” to provide you with their email address and social media profiles. You have probably got their postal address, so why not their digital addresses too?


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