Becoming an opinion leader in your profession

become an opinion leader in your field

Opinion leader

It has been recognised that organisations that take an opinion leader role in their industry grow faster and more profitably than the competition. “Opinion leader” companies tend to be included in new business shortlists and client project pitches. These companies and their top staff are widely consulted across their sector and therefore are privy to enormous amounts if useful market information especially about new projects and pitches.

Opinion Leaders

Unfortunately it’s difficult these days to achieve opinion leader status in most sectors due to amount of noise and competition from all the other companies and individuals clamouring for this role. Some of the key trends in this area and some of the cleverest companies are getting round the obstacles to successfully promote themselves as leaders in their sectors. What’s more it’s NOT always the biggest and most famous companies that grab the opinion leader mantle – sometimes quite the opposite in fact!

The most important element is to be positioned as the foremost experts, be the first to comment, evaluate & have an opinion on current topics and influencing the media by proactively devising opinions and media friendly concepts.

What is a media concept?

A media concept is a topic or theme that captures the imagination of the audience and offers a perceptive insight. Importantly it offers the opportunity to sell into journalists and establish the commentator as a leader.

This is one of a number of techniques that set the business and key executives apart from the field.

What is an opinion leader? 

An opinion leader is basically somebody who the press, radio or television especially will approach for their views or experience in a chosen field. The individual who is always being on the news, being mentioned in the press on certain subjects.

Typical opinion leaders could be Richard Branson on entrepreneurship and money investment issues, Jack Goldie of Bigfootshoes – often mentioned in the press for large shoes size issues especially around the Rugby World Cup 2013.

Why being an opinion leader will be good for your brand?

What better and FREE way to get your name and brand mentioned across multiple media services? Imagine what this could do for your business if you got mentioned on the news several times a morning? The BBC news each morning, repeats itself from about 6am – 9am and so a mention from an opinion leader will be broadcast about 9 times. This will drive awareness of you, your brand, company and projects to the nation, driving visitors to your website. All for FREE.

How to become an opinion leader

Get in front of reporters, introduce yourself to PR agencies and reporters, editors etc. from across a wide range of media. Let them know what you are good at, what your beliefs are, write blogs on the subject that you are expert in. Invest in a PR agency that can do this for you, as they have the contacts, the knowledge and expertise that will get you noticed, for all the right reasons.

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